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W a i t i n g  s p a c e







Waiting Space is a music and video project, and alias of Chris Falconer - a musician, and art historian. As 'Waiting Space', he combines vocals, programming, live-instrumentation, graphics, and video for each release under the project - additionally handling all recording, and production work, in both the audio, and visual fields.


'Waiting Space started off at the end of 2013, as a little casual affair from my main project of the time: Ghetto Amaretto. The initial idea was lucid - to have a platform for ideas that wouldn’t fit elsewhere - but it became a little more coherent over 2014, where it manifested itself into an aim - that of an inquiry into the idea of the 'gestalt'; i.e., what can happen when a sole-person is responsible for the writing/recording of each song, in addition to the composition and production of the 'appropriate' films, videos, and visuals for these sounds and words.


On a much more practical level, the project has has also been a catalyst for me (out of necessity) to learn more about the technical aspects of music-making; those elements which I had been a bit sheltered from in other projects – like production, recording, and even just a platform to work on my musicianship, and composition.


I've been writing and performing music with others for nearly a decade now - but rarely have I had the confidence, or eagerness, to produce solo efforts, especially on a platform where it reaches the eyes of others. With Waiting Space, I hope to break that habit.

I enjoy these sounds and images - I hope you enjoy them too.'

- Chris Falconer, February 2016.

  SERIES 1 -


As of 2015, Waiting Space is working on its first 'Series' - a twelve number song & film/short collection, in a series titled 'Genius Loci'. The twelve pieces will focus on the themes of spirit of place; sense of belonging; mobility; travel; and the diaspora.